Girl in Iris

Cycle Season



April Garden 

Plein Air Spring

Charlie, Ben and Biggs

High Hand Trumpetvine

Waterfall in Summer

Waterfall in Spring

Spring Garden

Waterfall in Atumn

Olive Orchard

Waterfall in Winter

First Frost

Into Fall

Eagle Falls

Snowy Bridge

Lavender Field

Gold Country Fall


Persimmons in the Mist

High Hand Sunset

Early Spring

Vineyard in 4 Seasons

California Sunset

Vineyard in Mist

Rhododendron Path

Bear River Falls

High Hand Fruitshed


Polar Light

Aurora Forest

Magic Tributary, Bear River

Moonlit Tide

Reflectios of Sculpture

High Hand Conservatory

Tree Lined Lane

Aurora over Glaciers

Northenlight over Lapland

Sunset Fishing 

Pondorsa Bridge

Beautiful Bear River 

Titanic Inspired Stairway 

Umbrella in Fall

Girl with Horse


Borealis Bear

Midnight Sun

Iris Candy

National Reflections



Rice Fields

Golden Tree

Lady in Iris Garden

Racing Home 

Iris Farm

High Hand Arbor

Vineyard in Spring

Umbrella in Winter